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Apr 19, 2014
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Apr 19, 2014
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Apr 19, 2014
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I will be making a post in more eloquent detail later but for now this will suffice.

The behavior BABYs exhibited tonight was a disgrace.

Two of my friends passed out. Another was shoved to the ground with nobody helping her get up. I was pressed so hard that I literally couldn’t breathe and when I screamed at people “please let me out” people shoved me harder.

I did not speak to a single fan in the pit after the event who was not terrified.

Even BAP noticed that people were panicked and hurt. My friend Amy (jalmotaesseo) was physically pulled out by an EMT in front of Yongguk.

BAP were disappointed in us. Their performance was incredible, obviously.

Fans had one job and they fucked it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if BAP doesn’t come back to New York.

This shit doesn’t happen in Korea.

This is the example NY BABYs set tonight: that American fans have no respect for themselves, others, or BAP themselves.

Best reblog, I ain’t playing.

Normally I wouldn’t reblog things like this here because this is supposed to be a fun, happy blog, but I really need to talk about what happened last night because I am so angry and upset about the behavior of people in the pit.

I should start by saying that the boys were utterly fabulous. They’re all wayy more handsome in person that in pictures/on screen (like Himchan and Youngjae were never really physically attracted to me but oh my god I saw the light last night and it was glorious). My side of the stage was frequented mostly by the younger half of the band. Zelo’s is so adorable and talented and just hilarious and it killed me and Jongup was just amazing and so goofy and sweet. Daehyun and Youngjae kept teasing the crowd - Youngjae was making bedroom eyes at everyone and Daehyun kept singling people out in the crowd during love songs and shit. Himchan would come over to our side every once in a while and wave and interact a bit with the fans and it was really cute. Yongguk only came over a few times. But I made eye contact with him, so like…life complete, plus he started lifting up his shirt while doing body rolls and like ohhhh my god, remembering that sight forever. So the boys were really, really good and they worked so hard and just asdlkfjghj my heart…

That being said, there are social norms that govern a mosh pit and every single one of those norms was entirely disregarded last night. I should never have to fear for my life during a concert like that. My friends and I were so abused, as were so many other people in the pit, and that’s entirely unacceptable. While I was lucky enough to not have to be taken out of the pit, since I was up against the barrier, which meant I was cooler and got some air, I was convinced the only was I was getting out of the pit was on a stretched. A number of girls used me and my friends basically as camerastands for the duration of the concert. And while that’s not so bad in its own right, a girl jumping violently up and down while her elbow is two inches from my temple is terrifying. I knew that if she hit either my temple or my neck, I was gonna go down and it was very, very likely I would’ve been trampled.

A girl twice my friend’s size almost crushed her into the barrier to get a better camera angle. She had an arm on either side of my friend and was practically trying to move into the spot where my friend was standing until I stopped her. The girl on my other side spent most of the concert with her head on her arms, leaning on the barrier, because the crowd was pushing her past her limits. I could barely focus on the concert because my head was being pushed to the side by at least two girls trying to video tape around me like I was nothing more than an inconveniently placed column. 

Even worse, it looked like there were fans actually filming the girl who had to be pulled over the barrier because she passed out before the concert even started. How fucking sick do you have to be to want to record that?? I normally don’t like yelling at strangers but I was so angered by the people with cameras pointed at this poor girl, I turned around and actually roared at them to stop. That should never ever happen anywhere and especially not when it’s your fellow fan at a concert.

I, nor anyone else, should have to fear for their lives while in a pit. If someone asks you to let them through so they can get out, you get the fuck out of the way immediately. If someone asks you to stop resting your arm on their head, you deal with your arm being tired while holding away from them or you put the goddamn camera down. I was prepared to be pushed and shoved and overheated last night. I was not prepared, nor should I have had to be prepared, for what actually happened.

I really wish I could apologize to BAP for the behavior of the fans last night. They worked so hard to put on a great show for us, and to give us the time of our lives, and then had to watch their fans being dragged out of the pit by security guards and EMTs because they were so sick and no one would let them out. That should never happen and the fact that it did is revolting. And I could tell that the band was concerned. The looks on their faces when they interacted with the crowd made that obvious. Himchan and I think Daehyun told the crowd to calm down at least twice.

This is one of the very few times I will post something like this on this blog, since like I said at the beginning, this is supposed to be a happy blog, but I need to get this out. For those of my readers that were at the concert last night, I hope you guys are okay. 

…Just thank fucking god I was in the seated section…

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Apr 15, 2014
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Apr 15, 2014

so Lewy and Reusy have a secret handshake 

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Apr 15, 2014
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Apr 15, 2014

holy mother of god 

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